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The challenge of STEM

STEM education is capturing policy attention at the moment as a key curriculum focus, writes Russell Tytler of Deakin University. He talks to Education Matters about some of the recent innovations in the teaching and learning of STEM in the primary school years.

Preparing children for life

In the early 19th century, philanthropist and educational pioneer, Robert Owen, argued that an education was about preparing children for life. Two centuries on, Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, Dr Don Carter, reflects on how these views are still evident in education today.

Playing to learn

Playground designer at a_space, Jessica Mew, says the school playground is an extension of a child’s learning at school, encouraging them to build confidence and manage risk.

Pyramid of passion

Positive Education is the science of education that seeks to harness cutting-edge research from social, cognitive, neuro and life sciences; and combine it with world-leading pedagogical and educational practices. David Bott discusses how it is benefitting students all over the world.

Free online resources for teachers

Monash Education has launched TeachSpace, an online space for teachers that provides how-to videos, case studies and handy tips for the classroom.

Slice’s innovative safety knives keep hands safer

Slice designs and manufactures a range of innovative cutting and scraping tools, which are ergonomic and feature finger-friendly blades, to help keep children’s hands safe when being used in the classroom.