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Video: Fun with physics

Students from a Melbourne primary school, St Joseph’s in Hawthorn, recently joined some of Monash University’s Master of Teaching students and worked collaboratively to create a marble run. Students were required to brainstorm, problem solve and work together to create a design that worked.

Taking action against cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can have a serious effect on those involved, with the potential to impact on a student’s social, psychological and even physical wellbeing. But what are some of the warning signs that a student is being cyberbullied and what measures can we take to help prevent it?

Neuroscience in teaching and learning

Teachers of today are equipped with more evidence about learning and how a child’s brain develops than ever before. Kathy Walker, founder of Walker Learning, discusses the importance of adapting evidence-based practice to the classroom.

SBS launches cultural diversity study guides

SBS has created new educational resources to help secondary students gain a greater understanding of inclusion and appreciation for diversity through a series of videos, animations and classroom guides.

What’s the harm in sharing student photos online?

Colin Anson, CEO of consent-driven photo management platform, Pixevety, looks at the implications of sharing student photos online and discusses what schools can do to ensure they aren’t breaching privacy laws when it comes to the digital identities of their students.