Danielle Gullaci, Author at Education Matters Magazine

Danielle Gullaci

PGL Adventure Camps: Cementing relationships

At Warrnambool College in Victoria’s south-west, Year 7 students take part in a camp at Campaspe Downs, helping them to form lasting new friendships as they enter the next chapter of their schooling.

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Teacher exchange program hits Australia

A US based teacher exchange program will carry out its first recruitment in Australia and New Zealand in several years, giving local teachers the opportunity to share experiences from their home nation with students on the other side of the globe.

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Promoting respectful relationships

During the Western Australian Primary Principals’ Association (WAPPA) Annual Conference, WA Education and Training Minister, Sue Ellery, announced a new set of protocols to encourage open and respectful communication between schools, students and parents across the state.

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Canterbury College: Encouraging success

Daniel Walker, Principal and CEO at Canterbury College, speaks with Education Matters about how creating a happy environment, combined with a focus on wellbeing and modern technology, is setting students up for the future.

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Supporting students with epilepsy

Approximately one in 200 Australian students has epilepsy, a medical condition that affects the brain and causes seizures. The Epilepsy Smart Schools program has been developed to support these students, and train schools and educators in understanding their specific needs.

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Students learn to be Road Smart

Provided free of charge, Road Smart is a road safety education and training program delivered to Year 10 students (or equivalent) by trained facilitators, right across Victoria.

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