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The brighter side of learning

Epson’s ultra-short throw projectors are helping the next generation of digital learners, and the students of St Luke’s Grammar School are reaping the benefits.  Read more

Five ways technology can help cultivate classroom confidence

Confidence built in the classroom doesn’t just stay in the classroom — it extends to other areas of a child’s life, and helps lay the foundations for healthy self-esteem, Hitachi says. But while the more outgoing members of the class are flourishing, how can the quieter ones be coaxed out of their shells?

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Acer CloudProfessor fosters STEM growth

Skills are critical to preparing students for a rapidly changing workforce. Acer explains how its CloudProfessor technology will equip students for the jobs of the future.

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Epson enhances learning for Victorian school

From multi-user interactivity to student collaboration, Epson’s latest models of ultra-short throw projectors have improved teaching for Victoria’s Chairo Christian School, the institutions ICT manager says.

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Unified AV in the classroom

Navigating classroom technology: A Unified approach

Both in and out of school today, children are consistently engaged via interactive digital displays in every aspect of their lives. As increasingly tactile and visual learners, students in the classroom are expecting to be engaged and challenged as they would in the outside world. Nearly all research indicates that yes, interactive technology will improve learning outcomes – but it’s not a silver bullet. This new paradigm of engagement is also very dependent on teachers understanding how this happens and evolving their practice accordingly.

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