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Peer Support Australia

ASuite 2.01a Building 3 35-41 Waterloo Road
Macquarie Park, NSW 2113
P1300 579 963
IEducation – mental health and wellbeing



Peer Support Australia is actively providing school communities with the support they need to enhance the wellbeing of young people.

For more than 34 years, Peer Support Australia has been the go-to organisation for Australian schools looking to enhance the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of their students.

Peer Support Australia provides integral support to both primary and secondary schools a diverse range of resources and services, most notably the Peer Support Program. More than 500,000 young people in hundreds of schools across Australia are impacted by the work being done by Peer Support Australia each year.

Peer Support Australia works closely with schools to provide the support they need to enhance student mental health and wellbeing. Schools have the assistance of dedicated Wellbeing Education Consultants across Australia.

The Peer Support Program is a proven, preventative evidence-informed program which centres on peer-led interaction. The program benefits a whole-school culture and promotes leadership, wellbeing, positive relationships, resilience, and mental and social health.

There is a suite of Peer Support Modules that are extensions of the program for both primary and secondary schools. Each focuses on a different area of learning to support student wellbeing. These include modules on: resilience, relationships, and anti-bullying. These support materials facilitate peer-led sessions that further develop the core skills and key concepts of the Program.

Through working together for wellbeing, Peer Support Australia has provided Australian schools with the opportunity to create and maintain a positive school environment. The outcomes of which include:

• authentic leadership opportunities
• acquired leadership skills
• positive relationships
• improved wellbeing
• enhanced mental health
• increased student resilience
• improved social skills

Contact Peer Support Australia today and learn more about how your school can work together with them to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of your students.

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