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Privacy and consent: Getting it right

With issues surrounding privacy and consent in the spotlight like never before, Pixevety CEO Colin Anson talks to Education Matters about how schools can get the most out of their photos and videos, while still protecting the digital identities of their students.

Video: Teacher wellbeing

Educator Kelly Hopkinson discusses the importance for teachers to look after their own wellbeing and mental health, in addition to that of their students.

Preparing students for life after school

A new emotional intelligence schools’ program aims to enhance social skills, emotional intelligence (EQ), resilience and confidence among students, and reduce growing levels of anxiety, to encourage greater success beyond the classroom.

Returning to work: The bigger picture

Choosing whether or not to return to work can be difficult for any parent. But as CEO of Extend Darren Stevenson explains, it’s a choice that shouldn’t be led by guilt.