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Encouraging professional growth

Educational leadership expert, John Eller, discusses some effective strategies principals can adopt to develop successful growth plans with their teaching staff and colleagues.

Scanning Pens named Exporter of the Year

Designed to help students with reading difficulties read independently and become more engaged in the classroom, Scanning Pens has just been named 2019 Exporter of the Year at the prestigious Bett Awards in London.

Putting teaching before testing: teachers score NAPLAN

As students around the nation begin the 2019 school year, education expert at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Dr Don Carter, says focussing on learning outcomes and a coherent curriculum should be a priority for schools, rather than placing an excessive emphasis on NAPLAN preparation.

Time to get schooled

Vice-President at the Catholic Assistant Principal’s Association in WA, Tania James, discusses NAPLAN and the importance of national testing to identify areas for improvement.