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1:1 and BYOD programs support digital literacy in schools

JB Hi Fi Education Windows BYOD School Programs

For teachers looking to incorporate digital literacy programs as part of the revised Australian Curriculm Version 9.0, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs provide students with exclusive access to computing devices, – such as laptops, tablets, and smart devices – of their own, for use in the classroom and at home for studying online and completing coursework.

Learning to study and work effectively online is essential for students to access information and allow their curiousity and inquisitive natures to question the world around them.

Digital literacy has become an increasingly important part of equipping students with the requisite 21st century skills to prepare them for living in a world where advancing technology and the internet of things is integral to the growing digital economy. Teaching children about digital literacy from an early age can help them better navigate the world around them and improve their ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect with their peers and social groups.

Furthermore, digital literacy is also essential to enabling young people to use online and digital tools safely and responsibly. It encourages them to take caution with online privacy, security and e-safety to protect from cyberbullying or breaches of personal passwords and information.

JB Hi Fi Education Windows BYOD School Programs
Digital literacy curriculum is an important part of equipping students with 21st century skills to prepare them for a future working in the digital economy.


As a premium provider of technology solutions to primary and secondary schools in Australia, JB Hi-Fi Education has been working to improve ICT infrastructure in schools and support the inclusion of digital literacy in the classroom, as part of the Australian curriculum, for more than two decades. As an expert Microsoft partner, JB Hi-Fi is one of the largest providers of Windows 1:1 and BYOD programs.

“At JB Hi-Fi Education, we’re conscious schools need to address the requirements of all learners – whether that be from an economic, geographic or accessibility standpoint. Our national team works closely with schools to provide them with technology solutions such as our tailored 1:1 and BYOD programs, and professional services that accelerate learning opportunities for their students,” says Ms Sandy Hyland, Head of Education, at JB Hi-Fi.

“Microsoft has long supported students and educators with a wide range of solutions, and Windows 11 really addresses the current hybrid learning environment. It offers performance enhancements that optimize low-cost device resources, better performance, security, and flexibility for students and educators.”

Microsoft Windows 11 devices address the challenges of hybrid learning environments by providing students with more flexibile learning opportunities.


Modern education devices should empower students to learn through speech, touch, typing, handwriting, drawing and mixed reality. They should also be physically robust to tolerate all the drops and knocks that come with school life.

In the modern classroom, having the right tech can be the difference between delays and distractions and optimal learning. Windows devices are powered for education, with a range of benefits designed for students and educators.

The right device should also save teachers time while offering them more ways to bring lessons to life. Most of all, it should support full software, cloud-based tools and apps. Many applications used by education and learning programs are only available as full Windows software solutions rather than cloud-hosted or apps for portable devices.

When it comes to education computing devices, accessibility can be a challenge across many dimensions. Devices should address the educational needs of students by offering a range of capabilities, while at the same time being appropriately customised so as to not interfere with their learning. Devices should also be affordable, ensuring that tech can be accessed by students from differing economic backgrounds.

Microsoft Windows 11 devices offer a rich ecosystem of applications for education. They protect against online threats and have inclusive, built-in solutions designed to help each student achieve their potential.

A checklist for choosing the right device:

  • Can the device be centrally secured and updated?
  • Does the device offer multiple usage modes?
  • Can students use the device to type up assignments?
  • Is the device powerful enough?
  • Is the device inclusive for all students?
  • Can the device connect to a school network?
  • Is the device light enough for a backpack?
  • Can the device connect to other devices?
  • Is the device rugged enough for school life?
  • Will the device’s battery last a full school day?


JB Hi-Fi Education can support schools with selection, setup, deployment and management of Windows devices, including BYOD programs. With help from a dedicated team of education technology experts, JB Hi-Fi Education offers parents, students and educators:

  • An extensive range of Windows devices and compatible accessories that can be purchased together at education pricing, for great value and convenience.
  • Extended warranties and insurance options.
  • A portal for easy purchasing and support.
  • The option to collect an order from any participating JB Hi-Fi retail store for fast and flexible fulfilment.

 “We realise the upfront cost of purchasing and managing technology can be a significant burden for many schools, especially those with limited resources. This is where JB Hi-Fi Finance comes in,” says Ms Hyland.

“Schools can empower their staff and students with the latest equipment and technology to support learning outcomes with our asset financing solutions. We have rent to return or rent to own solutions, and JB Finance isn’t just limited to computing technology – we can also support you with a wide range of equipment for audio-visual, STEM programs and even catering.”


JB Hi-Fi Education is one of Australia’s largest providers of BYOD education programs, offering fast, reliable advice and support. With a wide range of Windows devices from leading brands such as HP and Lenovo to choose from, delivering both affordable and high-performance outcomes for students and educators, JB Hi-Fi Education is ready to assist schools with provisioning, configuring and supporting a Microsoft ecosystem that enhances their curriculum and pedagogical outcomes.

For more information, download JB Hi-Fi Education’s guide to choosing the right Windows device for your school.

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