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A guide to navigating playground equipment selection

Craft a fun-filled, nurturing playground experience for your students with the aid of this guide from WillPlay, specialists in designing and manufacturing Australian-made play, fitness, and recreation equipment.

Explore key considerations, such as the wellness advantages and enhancement of developmental skills, to fashion a playground that ignites joy, fosters development, and harbours a treasury of unforgettable memories.

Unfolding the PlayPark story

PlayPark systems by WillPlay captivate students of all age groups and abilities with their dynamic gamut of play possibilities. These robust, cost-effective, and customisable systems are perfect for educational institutions, boosting students’ physical development and social learning.

PlayPark. Image: WillPlay

Whisk away to a Fairytale Adventure

The mysterious and magical Fairytale Adventure range encourages children’s creativity and imagination. These modular systems are not just equipment, but a gateway to countless imaginative stories and cognitive development.

Fairytale Adventure range. Image: WillPlay

Scaling new heights with Street Climber

Street Climber presents an extraordinary solution challenging children’s physical and mental skills. These modular climbing structures, inspired by parkour, stretch the limits of students’ capabilities and curiosity.

Street Climber. Image: WillPlay

Urban Warrior: the key to fitness

The Urban Warrior range is the perfect supplement to your school’s Physical Education curriculum. Purposefully designed for physical development, this thrilling pathway to fitness ignites strength, body endurance, and friendship in children.

The Urban Warrior range. Image: WillPlay

Sensory and Littlies: gateway to creativity and interaction

Sensory Range

The robust musical equipment of the Sensory Range arouses the senses, triggering investigative play, and enhances coordination skills. This resilient and musical assortment stirs up creative play and adds charm to any playground.

The Sensory Range. Image: WillPlay

Littlies Range

The Littlies Range delivers secure and imaginative ground-based activities for younger children. Enchanting play forts and activity panels cater to their developmental needs, making playtime a delightful and memorable adventure.

The Littlies Range. Image: WillPlay

Rise with Boxie Climb

Boxie Climb systems balance entertainment and health benefits, accentuating core strength and balance in children. These systems foster resilience and determination, offering immense value and endless customisation possibilities.

Creating an enriching, safe, and dynamic playground isn’t as daunting as it may seem. By carefully considering the physical, cognitive, and social needs of the students, you can select the best equipment that fosters growth and creates memorable playtime experiences.

For more information, visit www.willplay.com.au

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