A school master that keeps the kids quiet
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A school master that keeps the kids quiet

Renault explains how its 12-seater minibus is keeping students busy, all while improving safety and comfort across the board.

The Renault Master 12-seater minibus is an ideal companion for children of all ages, thanks to its ability to allow them to keep their personal electronic devices fully charged on a long school excursion.

While this could mean an end to raucous renditions of the old school song, for the teacher or assistant behind the wheel, it could spell some welcome bliss.

With decades of experience building people-friendly vans in Europe, Renault says the Master minibus cossets the driver, which in turn reduces fatigue during a long day behind the wheel, enhancing safety.

“The Renault Master Bus is designed on the platform of an award-winning van, which is sold in 370 forms across Europe,” says Lyndon Healey, Senior Model Line Manager for Renault LCV.

Lyndon says the popularity of the Master van and the myriad uses to which it is routinely put, means that for some, a full working week leads to 40 or so hours behind the wheel. This is why the driving position has to be comfortable, well-thought out and safe, he says.

“For teachers, or the occasional assistant or parent who has to transport pupils out to the suburbs or local footy game, driving the bus is a pleasure rather than a chore,” Lyndon explains.

“We have put a lot of thought and care into the seating comfort and safety for the other 11 occupants, with full three-point seat belts at every position, a seat with a headrest, and a reclining feature available at most positions.

“Fold out armrests are fitted to the easy aisle seat. The roof is also higher than usual, giving a spacious feel to the interior and allowing even the tallest pupils to enter and leave the bus without the need to stoop.”

The company has worked with a number of specialist converters to provide the bus with wheelchair accessibility, further expanding its multi-purpose role within the school.

Behind the last row of seats is a cavernous luggage bay that can be fitted with a rack to house a suitcase from every occupant, and which may obviate the need to tow a trailer, thus removing another potential headache for the driver.

And with a sliding door electrically controlled from the dashboard available on some models, the safety and security of the passengers remains in the hands of the responsible adult.

“Renault’s long factory warranty for the Master Bus has been extended from October 2017. It is now available for five years or 200,000km, whichever comes first, while the first three scheduled services are $349 each,” Lyndon says.

“With up to 30,000km possible between servicing, that is a lot of outdoor adventuring between oil changes. Furthermore, the premium look of the Renault Master provides it with a contemporary look and feel.”

Renault Australia has more than 50 authorised dealers conveniently located around Australia so there’s one near your school. Contact us directly on 1300 055 100 or visit www.renault.com.au to find out more.

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