AFL appreciation for teachers
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AFL appreciation for teachers

AFL appreciation for teachers

The AFL says a big thank you to teachers and offers a $100 voucher for the AFL School Shop.

We just want to say ‘thanks’! Here we are, another school year coming to an end,
The AFL thought we would just like to send…

A little ‘thank you’ to recognise all that you have done, we hope that teaching your students has been lots of fun! We recognise how teachers are extremely dedicated, and work hard for your students to be suitably educated.

We know the challenges you face; you go the extra mile,
giving the kids so many opportunities and making them smile.

There were so many teachers nominated on World Teachers’ Day,
we don’t have nearly enough space to write all the nice things people say.

We would like to share, this year was a milestone for the AFL,
our great coaching staff ran incursions and did very well.

Teaching kids game-sense approaches and greater skill acquisition,
all around the country to a record-breaking one million!

So, to support you next year, there was only one decision,
“make the lives of teachers easier” would be our new vision,

So now we’ll offer grants, professional learning, and free lesson plans,
It’ll be our way to thank you, whilst engaging your little AFL fans!

Now we have one little thing to ask before the year is through,
we would love you to refer us to a teacher friend or two.

Even one nomination; just ask them for their email and name,
we’ll gift you $100 for the school shop to help get your kids in the game!

I am sure you’ll agree that it has been a really big year,
so wishing you a wonderful holiday, filled with laughter and cheer.

Have a great break, relax and enjoy whatever it is you like to do,
we will see you next year, and again, a really big ‘thank you’!

How to receive the $100 AFL School Shop voucher for your school

In order to be eligible to receive the $100 AFL Schools Shop voucher for your school, please nominate a colleague to register as an AFL Schools Member by visiting, AFL School Nomination form

To ensure your school is eligible to receive the voucher, the colleague that you have nominated must also register as an AFL Schools Member via AFL School Membership | Play AFL

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