Alfie Kohn seminar at Geelong Grammar School
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Geelong Grammar to host Alfie Kohn seminar

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Prominent American author Alfie Kohn has written 14 books on parenting, education and human behaviour and for the first time he’s visiting Australia to share his thoughts with local educators.

In a one-day event held at Geelong Grammar School’s Corio Campus, Mr Kohn is expected to lead an insightful seminar on ‘Rethinking the conventional wisdom about curriculum, assessment, and motivation’, beginning at 9.30am, 15 November.

The event is ticketed, with a cost for the full day of $198. However, educators are also invited to attend Mr Kohn’s free parenting lecture, to be held on the same evening.

“Alfie Kohn is one of the world’s leading thinkers on developing well-rounded, resilient and critical thinking adolescents,” said Justin Robinson, Director of the Institute of Positive Education. “He is concerned by many of the trends and practices evident in the majority of school education systems.

“We assume he will challenge some of our current practices and he will certainly provide us with significant food for thought. We hope participants will be inspired to return to their schools with the aim of cultivating the best possible learning environment for their students.”

For tickets, or to find out more about this upcoming event, see Geelong Grammar School’s Training Courses page.


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