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Australia To Establish Indonesian Studies Centre In Melbourne

In an attempt to increase awareness and understanding of the Australian people towards Indonesia in business, culture, education, research, and community networks, Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, stated that Australia plans to build an Indonesian Studies Center in Melbourne.

The Indonesian Studies Center will be located at the Monash University, Melbourne, collaborating with the Melbourne University, the National University of Australia, and CSIRO scientific research center. The Center will explore various fields including languages, culture, food stability, infrastructure, health and educations, and more. The output of the researches will be used for partnering parties as evidence of the high level of cooperation between the two countries.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated that Australia truly respects Indonesia and that the strong relations that exist between the two countries will be a foundation for further cooperation that will be of great mutual benefit. The prime minister also confirmed Australia’s commitment to applying the Colombo Plan, which is funded by the Australian Government. The commitment that Australia offers in the Colombo Plan ensures that there are more Australians who will study and work in Asia and Indonesia.

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