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Toli Papadopoulos

VIDEO: Teaching With YouTube 03: Uploading

How should you upload lessons for students to access online?

Eddie Woo offers a guide to the “serving” used when making videos for YouTube, the techniques he’s learned to use over the years when filming classes.

Keeping students safe in school

Educators have a duty of care to protect their students from foreseeable harm. Harm can come in a myriad of forms – whether that be physical or psychological – and in today’s world, it can occur virtually too. Read more

Schooling online during periods of disruption: using technology to enhance remote learning and to keep students safe

The coronavirus crisis has been a reminder to Australians at large that the healthy functioning of schools is of paramount importance to society. Schools are vital to the Australian economy, not only because they allow parents to work, but because they educate the professionals of the future. The full impact of the pandemic is yet to be realised but educators nationwide have had to adapt to teaching their curriculum online. Read more

VIDEO: How educators can protect students from cyber bullying

In today’s digital playground, technology is firmly embedded in a young person’s life, whether they are in or out of the classroom.

While technology and the internet bring many benefits, there are some glaring realities that educators need to face in regards to the online welfare of their students. Cyber bullying, or online bullying, is a very real problem in Australia.

To tackle cyber bullying, educators can build cyber bullying and online safety into their curriculum and include cyber bullying strategies in the school’s online safety policy.

Educators can further collaborate with parents to put systems in place that protect students form cyber bullying.

VIDEO: Secure and affordable access to computers in the classroom

Technology in the classroom is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Students need computing device to assist in their learning and to develop the skills and knowledge they need for a digitally sophisticated future.

Acer Chromebooks provide a good solution for educators that adress all of those pain points.