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Does age determine a child’s school readiness?

New data shows more parents in Australia’s most populous state are choosing to delay when their children start school. Kelsie Tibben examines the latest research around the age-old school-readiness debate.
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A holistic approach to enhancing student wellbeing

Director of Pastoral Care at Loreto Normanhurst, Sally Munro believes that a whole-school approach to pastoral care, combined with the involvement of parents in school decision-making, could hold the key to enhancing student wellbeing.
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learning languages

Languages open doors

  Learning a language presents myriad opportunities, both academic, personal and professional. So why are fewer students choosing to study a language in school? Expert researchers from the University of South Australia weigh in on the matter.
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Digital learning

The power of the undo button

Tenielle Davies, Head of Digital Learning at Loreto Normanhurst, is fostering fearless learning and creativity in the digital age by empowering students to become innovators who can shape a future limited only by their imagination.
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