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Rhiannon Bowman

Connecting with kids who aren’t engaging in the curriculum

New research from University of South Australia has found popular games such as Angry Birds, Mario Kart, or Animal Crossing could distract kids from engaging in the curriculum, unless they have a teacher who is willing to bend the rules.
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Why we need to rethink the term ‘bullying’

Latest research from Flinders University has identified that the term ‘bullying’ – used to define a range of behaviours – is potentially jeopardising successful and necessary prevention of harmful behaviour at school.
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Awards recognise outstanding specialist schools

The outstanding achievements of those working with children and young people with disability have been celebrated at the Principals’ Association of Specialist Schools (PASS) Awards.
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Dr Gary Stager on why technology is not the enemy

Founder and CEO of Constructing Modern Knowledge Dr Gary Stager flew in from the U.S. as a keynote speaker at EduTECH this year. He sat down with Education Matters to discuss where education is headed.
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