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Bastow Institute installs Epson projectors

Established in 2010, the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership (Bastow) is a branch within the Early Childhood and School Education Group at the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET). Bastow offers transformative leadership, professional development and learning opportunities for Victorian primary, secondary and early childhood education professionals.

Recently Bastow had a requirement for a number of large-venue installation projectors and multi-function, finger touch-enabled projectors. After a comprehensive evaluation and assessment process the decision was made to purchase multiple Epson EB-Z10000UNL and MeetingMate EB-1430Wi projectors.

Bastow’s decision to purchase the Epson EB-Z10000UNL and MeetingMate projectors was based around a requirement for a new interactive solution in the institute’s classroom spaces. Where previously they had interactive whiteboards that they found challenging to use, the team at Bastow now wanted an efficient, effective and straightforward solution that their multitude of onsite presenters could use. In addition Bastow’s theatre projectors were out of warranty and replacement globes were costly and hard to source. There was also a requirement to increase the brightness of the screens.

The EB-Z10000UNL projector combines high-lumen projection with Full HD, WUXGA performance — perfect for installation in large venues. Offering three times brighter colours* (3x Brighter Colours) than competitive models, Epson projectors ensure vivid images. With 10,000 lumens of colour brightness and 10,000 lumens of white brightness, the EB-Z10000UNL makes content shine, even in high ambient light. Featuring 3LCD, 3-chip technology and the latest connectivity — including HDBaseTTM and 3G-SDI — this powerful performer delivers uncompromised image quality and professional-grade reliability. Also, installation has never been more flexible, with seven optional lenses, lens shift, Curved Edge Blending, Portrait Mode and 360-degree projection features.

Epson second-generation MeetingMate interactive, multi-function, finger touch-enabled projectors also offer 3x Brighter Colours and 3LCD 3-chip technology and completely remove the need for any kind of whiteboard. This projector not only capitalises on the incredible success of its predecessor, but adds to it in many ways with the EB-1430Wi becoming the world’s first finger touch-based interactive projector. Such is the ingenuity of the EB-1430Wi that it enables as many as six participants to touch, draw, select and interact using intuitive and familiar gestures. In addition to operation using an interactive pen, with the EB-1430Wi it is now possible for users to operate by simply using their fingers on the screen. Much like many of today’s tablet devices, opening and closing files, scrolling, moving and expanding objects, and annotation are just some of the possibilities available at the touch of a finger. What’s more, any image on the screen can be resized and moved as if it were an object. So, even if there is no writing space on the screen, written contents can be reduced in size to make room for new annotations.

The MeetingMate projectors also revolutionise any whiteboard, wall, flat surface or existing dryerase board as it makes them truly interactive and powerful business and teaching tools. For Bastow the touch interactivity on normal whiteboards was critical. They were also impressed with the brightness of both models. As a result of the upgrade their theatre projectors now boast 10,000 lumens and in their classrooms the Epson projectors provide 3300 lumens and finger touch capabilities.

Critically in the case of Bastow it was the unrivalled colour accuracy from both EB-Z10000UNL and MeetingMate that was the key differentiating factor for selecting the projectors. Particularly noticeable in Bastow’s lecture theatre Epson’s 3x Brighter Colours, 3LCD 3-chip technology and superior Colour Light Output combined to produce images that were second to none. A fact noticed and commented upon by Bastow staff and course participants alike.

Size and space were also issues for Bastow as they calculated they must have a 100” screen throw to rule out the use of interactive screens, and at 100” the cost of interactive screens simply becomes prohibitive.

Once the projectors were installed, Bastow quickly realised the new EB-Z10000UNL and MeetingMate projectors had again significantly improved on the models they replaced. Not only did they offer the brightness and length of warranty required by the institute, but in the case of the MeetingMate they now also had the only finger touch-enabled ultra short throw projectors available on the market. With the easy to use solution in place and the fact that they could now also project over WiFi, all of the institute’s requirements were met.

Bastow uses their Epson EB-Z10000UNL and EB-1430Wi projectors to help deliver professional development in leadership through education in theatres and classroom spaces varying in size from 12 to 50 people.

*Compared to leading 1-chip DLP business and education projectors based on NPD data, July 2011 through June 2012. Colour brightness (colour light output) measured in accordance with IDMS 15.4. Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions.

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