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Benjafield Park: a little universe in Moonah, Tasmania

Nestled in the heart of Moonah, Tasmania, Benjafield Park offers an other-worldly playground attraction that ignites the imagination of young stargazers.

Infused with playful, cutting-edge and inclusive play equipment from WillPlay’s Issue #7 catalogue, this park serves as the launchpad for an array of out-of-this-world adventures.

Upon entering Benjafield Park, visitors are immediately transported to a cosmic wonderland. Towering above the surface of the park is the magnificent Rocket Launch Tower System, a pinnacle from the exclusive Bespoke Range that offers an adrenaline-pumping climb to the stars above. This interstellar piece drives the theme of the playground, where every fixture is a chapter in an unwritten space saga.

The Rocket Launch Tower System at Benjafield Park offers children  Image: WillPlay

Branching off into multiple dimensions of fun is the Street Climber System. These pathways split and wind just like wormholes into unknown universes, providing children with not just physical challenges but the adventure of choice. Along this constellation of climbers, young spacewalkers can explore mini-worlds brimming with educational and imaginative play at Littlies Town. Here, they can heal their crew at the Space Hospital, command missions from the Space Station, trade goods at the Space Store, or stock up for the next journey at the Space Supply Store.

The Moon Buggy and Space Station at Benjafield Park. Image: WillPlay

At the epicentre of the park, the distinct Moon Buggy draws everyone into Moonah’s ‘moon surface’. This imaginative take on traditional playground rides ensures complete inclusion. Balancing this lunar escapade is the familiar two-bay swing set, furnished with toddler, flat, and roto basket seats, offering a slice of earthly delight.

In this visionary park, gravity seems to be a mere suggestion—thanks to the pulsing rhythm of the Single Rocker, the dizzying spin of the Spinning Orb, mesmerising All-Abilities Spinner and Spinning SeeSaw. These fixtures invite children to defy the terrestrial pull and swirl into the thrill of movement.

The Spinning Orb. Image: WillPlay
Image: WillPlay

Adding a cultural dimension, the 16-note symphony and four-note drum set beckon the musically inclined to create their opus, while Giant Chimes echo the otherworldly sounds of deep space.

For the competitive spirits, the park offers the Double Cable Way—an intense zipline race, starting side-by-side on the Double Starting Platform. Who will land on the foreign planet first? Only time and a bit of courage will tell!

Guiding visitors throughout the carefully crafted landscape, custom-designed panels direct aspiring astronauts to the park’s training zone, where they can master necessary skills for their spaceflights.

With every intricate detail of this park meticulously installed by WillPlay, Benjafield Park promotes imaginative play, ignites children’s adventures, and fosters community spirit under an expansive, limitless sky. This park serves as a testament to Moonah’s commitment to fostering inclusive and innovative environments, where every adventure seeker, regardless of age or ability, can find a place to play, explore, and dream – firmly grounded on Earth, yet ever reaching for the stars.

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