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BenQ Australia: Healthy learning

Promoting an immersive and collaborative approach to classroom learning, BenQ’s innovative new range of interactive flat panels places student health at its core.

Recent technology has paved the way for changes in the way students can be taught. In the past, teachers typically stood in front of the classroom to address their students. Innovative products such as interactive flat panels and Jamboards mean that students can now view what the teacher is writing on the board via their own device. And students can also respond immediately, so that teachers can view their answer on the flat panel screen or share it with the class in real time.

When it comes to these types of immersive visual display solutions for the classroom, technologies that promote a healthy learning environment may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But recognising the benefits that could be achieved by incorporating thoughtful systems and design, BenQ has launched its smart new RP Series germ-resistant and smart eye care interactive flat panels.

The RP Series features an upgraded annotation tool called EZWrite 5.0 that is designed to facilitate interactive learning with a tap. Along with its original features – Handwriting Recognition, Floating Tool, Calculator, Palm Eraser and Floating Tool – EZWrite 5.0 now also incorporates a Cloud Whiteboard, Dual Pens and Brush Mode, which instantly turns the interactive flat panel into a full-size whiteboard for illustrating ideas, recording notes and brainstorming.

The Cloud Whiteboard promotes enhanced interactivity by allowing teachers to collect, categorise, edit and share ideas between the interactive flat panel and mobile devices without any geographic restrictions or user limits.

Through its RP Series, available in 65”, 75” and 86” models, BenQ has become the first LCD panel manufacturer in the world to develop a flicker free, low blue light, anti glare interactive flat panel with a built in air quality sensor and germ-resistant screen.

“Students of today are constantly looking at glass – whether it be a tablet, phone, monitor, TV or laptop. Every LCD screen has a LED backlight with a light spectrum that can potentially damage eyes permanently from the increased blue light levels. It is recognised by ophthalmologists that increased exposure to blue light not only causes dry and tired eyes, but it can also potentially damage cells at the back of the eye, leading to permanent damage,” says Martin Moelle, Managing Director at BenQ Australia.

“With the RP Series, BenQ’s unique technology has been tested by an independent laboratory in Germany and is now TÜV certified which shows that it meets the relevant health standards for low blue light, flicker free and anti-bacterial technology. Additionally, the anti-glare glass surface can effectively reduce reflections, freeing students from excessive squinting with more legible text and clearer images, avoiding eye strain and facilitating more effective instruction. We have gone the extra mile to have all of this tested and certified so our customers can rest assured that the health benefits we are claiming have been proven.”

The germ-resistant screen has been achieved through a special multi-layer coating of a non-toxic, durable nano-silver agent that kills 99% of germs upon contact. As Mr Moelle explains, “When someone works on these touch panels, they use their fingers to write, draw or erase. This means any bacteria on their fingers is transferred onto the panel. Our special coating destroys most bacteria on contact.”

Adding to the creation of a healthy learning environment, the RP Series features an inbuilt Air Quality Sensor that detects the carbon dioxide intensity indoors.

“Modern building design doesn’t allow for windows to be opened, so when you come into a meeting room or classroom, everything is closed. Carbon dioxide can build up, so this sensor is another aspect of our product that enables teachers to monitor the classroom and judge if the air quality is appropriate so they can act if necessary and change the air conditioning settings for example to promote air flow,” Mr Moelle adds.

When an interactive flat panel is installed into a classroom, often numerous people are required to access it. For example, an English teacher may use it for one lesson, followed by the History teacher for the next lesson. Along with its healthy learning technologies, BenQ’s RP Series also features an Account Management System (AMS) that allows unlimited users to access their own settings. Once a user has set up their own account, they can simply log in to access their own files and apps.

In addition, the RP Series features inbuilt near field communication (NFC) hardware, which acts to further facilitate the use of multiple user accounts. The NFC tab is built into the sound bar at the bottom of the panel. “BenQ also supplies accessories which include NFC cards. These cards look like a credit card and have a chip built into them. Users can tap the card onto the sensor and they are logged straight in – it works just like the tap and pay technology on a credit card. So long as the interactive flat panel is logged onto a network, you can login straight away to access your files,” says Mr Moelle. “If the user doesn’t have their card, they can still go to the login page and type in their name and password. The reason we built this NFC technology into our panels is so that students can’t see teachers typing in passwords. The technology is driven by the market, because teachers don’t want to risk passwords being shared with students. It is great for IT staff too, it’s all about time saving.”

If the interactive flat panel is connected to the internet, updates are simple too, with over the air updates sent through as a push notification alerting users that new software is available to download.

The RP Series by BenQ use 4K technology, which is the highest quality resolution currently available on the market. These interactive flat panels offer at least 30,000 hours of operation, equating to at least 10 years of use in the classroom without any maintenance or calibration required.

“Though we have only spoken about a handful of the unique features and benefits incorporated into our new interactive flat panels, there are so many other great features too – far too many to mention in this article.”

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