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BenQ interactive displays for education awarded Eyesafe Certification 2.0

BenQ has been awarded Eyesafe Certification 2.0 for its latest series of large-format interactive displays for education.

Through this certification, the BenQ Boards Pro RP04 and Master RM04 can help ensure protection against high-energy blue light while maintaining optimal colour performance.

The latest certificates issued by Eyesafe – the worldwide leader in Blue Light Management Technology – verify that both models of the BenQ Boards have undergone testing and have satisfied the Eyesafe Display Requirements 2.0, the newest blue light emission and colour performance criteria set by Eyesafe and TÜV Rheinland, the globally renowned third-party certification organisation.

“Being the first interactive display provider to get Eyesafe Certified 2.0 is a clear testament to BenQ’s commitment to providing the best education technology for schools,” BenQ Australia managing director Mr Martin Moelle said.

“We ensure that teachers and students get the best learning tools while also protecting their health with our ClassroomCare technologies,” he said.

Considering the industry benchmark for low blue light emissions, Eyesafe Display Requirements 2.0 introduces a new metric called the Radiance Protection Factor (RPF), a rating system designed to help users quickly identify and compare devices as well as their respective blue light emissions.

RPF is calculated using a scaling factor that is based on the current technological limits of current LCD and OLED technologies. It assigns displays a number (ranging from 1 to 100) that reflects the displays’ blue light toxicity.

Eyesafe marketing director Ms Elishaa Batdorf said this value simplifies the complex blue light toxicity formula that Eyesafe and TÜV Rheinland use for measurements.

“Similar to how the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures protection for the skin, the Radiance Protection Factor (RPF) scale measures blue light emissions and potential risk for the eyes,” she said.

“Higher RPF numbers indicate a greater reduction of high-energy blue light in a display, so the higher the number, the better.”

The BenQ Board Pro RP04, BenQ’s latest premium Interactive Display for Education, currently has an RPF50 rating, while the BenQ Board Master RM04 has a rating of RPF35.

Find out more about Eyesafe 2.0 Certified BenQ interactive displays.

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