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BenQ Launch Flat Panel with the World’s First Air Ioniser

BenQ Australia have launched the Next Generation Pro Series Interactive Flat Panel with World’s First Air Ioniser, Eyesafe® Certification and Advanced ClassroomCare, along with Windows-Powered Smart Projector and New Zoom Certified Video Conferencing Solutions ready to future proof your classroom.

BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of professional education display solution aims to further the creation of healthy learning environments and includes RP03, an all-new Pro Series IFP with World’s First features; RM03 Master Series IFP with advanced Germ Resistant screen and pens; BenQ’s real-time collaborative classroom IFP-based app EZWrite 6 Cloud Whiteboard; Integrated Education Display Solutions including Dustproof Laser and Windows-based Smart Projector, Wireless Presentation Device InstaShow; and the native wireless content-sharing app InstaShare 2. Finally, a plethora of Zoom-certified video conferencing solutions to suit any blended classroom requirements.

RP03 Pro Series: World’s First IFP with Air Ioniser Technology and Eyesafe® Certification

Aiming to further the creation of healthy learning environments, BenQ developed the RP03 Pro Series Interactive Flat Panel with advanced ClassroomCare® features, including an all-new World’s First, air ionizer; germ resistant screen, stylus and remote control; CO2 and formaldehyde sensor; and Eye Care Technology, a TUV certified technology ensuring flicker-free and low blue light IFP screen. Furthermore, the Pro Series IFP is the World’s First interactive flat panel to be crowned with internationally renowned Eyesafe® certification, offering the highest level of blue light protection while maintaining vivid, true-to-life colours. BenQ OPS enabled interactive flat panels have also gained the coveted Intel® Gold Partner for IoT Solutions, providing a foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting devices.

Keep the content engaging with leading hardware features such as Dolby Digital Plus acoustics, latest Android 11 version installed and convenient front I/O ports including USB-C Smart Port for easy access. The IFP also works to make teaching more efficient and interactive with teaching support applications like all new EZWrite 6 Cloud Whiteboard and InstaShare2 Native Wireless Screen Sharing Software. IT Managers can take advantage of tools such as X-Sign Broadcast and BenQ Exclusive AMS & DMS to manage BenQ devices from one central location.

Unique On-site Demonstrations

In line with current STEM and Blended Learning trends and implementation of the smart campus, a series of on-site demonstrations will be showcased at BenQ’s stand.

1. Real-time Collaborative Classroom, featuring BenQ’s all new EZWrite 6 Cloud Whiteboard with Infinite Canvas and downloadable whiteboard files. Cloud Whiteboard allows teachers and students to collect, categorise, edit, and share ideas between IFPs and mobile devices, making it a perfect tool for collaboration and remote learning. With Board-to-Board Applications, students can engage in project-based learning by joining the same online lesson or discussion using different BenQ IFPs.

2. BenQ Education Academy: Engaging presentations brought to you by influencers, industry thought leaders, user success stories and the BenQ team. Topics will cover a wide variety of Exclusive BenQ features, such as EZWrite 6 Cloud Whiteboard, InstaShare 2 Wireless Content Sharing app and next-gen ClassroomCare®. Along with in depth overviews of BenQ partner software. Special guests include: Davis Lee, Chief Strategy Officer – Eyesafe®, Year 6 Students – Our Lady of the Pines, Donvale Vic, John Pendergast, Customer Success Lead – Vivi, Karen Mihail, Literacy Development Manager – LiteracyPlanet, Holly Millican, Head of Mathematics- Orara High School and Jai Chillingworth, Head Trainer and FAE – BenQ Australia.

3. Integrated Education Display Solutions for smart classrooms, including BenQ IFPs, Dustproof Laser, Windows-Based Smart Projectors and Wireless Presentation Device InstaShowTM. Presenters can make annotations on their IFP that immediately displays on the projection screen using InstaShow. This solution is designed for lecture halls, auditoriums, interactive classrooms, multimedia rooms and more. More importantly, the ClassroomCare® IFP combines a revolutionary Air Ioniser (RP03 only) and air quality sensor (RP03 only), TÜV-certified Germ Resistant screen, pens and Low Blue Light and Flicker-free technologies with anti-glare displays, providing a safeguard in the classrooms. Dustproof Laser Projectors include a sealed engine that block up to 99% of particles with IP5X-level protection, ensuring long lasting, low maintenance operation.

BenQ Wireless Solutions: InstaShowTM, InstaShare 2 and InstaShare Button

An exclusive and powerful tool, InstaShare 2 App, allows wireless mirroring and casting of content BenQ IFPs from any laptop, smartphone, and tablet. This is great for idea sharing and homework review during lecture, as well as annotation directly on the shared content. Pairing this with hardware based InstaShare Button Solution, wireless sharing has never been easier.

Schools are continuing to make the transition into smart campuses. The need for wireless content mirroring from personal devices is ever increasing, along with the demand for efficient and interactive learning and meetings. InstaShowTM WDC10C and WDC20 are a Plug-n-Play wireless presentation device, with the USB Type C Button and HDMI respectively. In addition to being cable-free, no software installation is required, and it includes AES 128-bit encryption and WPA2 authentication protocol. With its one-button design and natural ease of use, InstaShow transforms cluttered meeting spaces into seamless collaborative experiences.

Easy and Efficient VC Solutions for all sorts of blended learning environments

BenQ will be presenting their newest fleet of Video Conferencing Cameras, including the Zoom-Certified DVY31 Full HD Webcam and DVY32 4K UHD Conference Camera, as well as the All-in-one Smart Video Bar VC01A. All cameras come equipped with a 90+˚ wide field of view, omnidirectional mics (beamforming mic array for VC01A) and require no extra driver installation. Simple plug-and-play for the remote lessons to begin.

Because it matters

From building smart campuses, empowering STEM and project-based learning, to facilitating better learning outcomes, meetings and collaborations, BenQ is committed to helping educators, teachers, and institutions function more efficiently and enhance learning through healthcare-driven, innovation-fueled products, services and solutions.

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