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Beyond The Classroom hosting cycle-planning masterclass for female educators

Beyond The Classroom is hosting a free online masterclass for female educators on the science behind women’s menstrual cycle and how they can utilise it to optimise their daily and monthly time-blocking in school.

Titled ‘Cycle planning for the modern-day educator’, the masterclass will take place on Zoom on Monday 27 November at 4.45pm (AEST). To attend the masterclass, click here.

Beyond the Classroom founder and director Ms Peta Jeppesen said she has been investigating menstrual cycle planning for the past few years.

“It has radically shifted my orientation to the way I relate to my business, and really my entire life,” she said.

“The four phases of the cycle are expressed in such different ways and therefore must be supported accordingly using both our toolbox of knowledge and intuition of what our body needs each passing week.

“For example, I now make it my priority to rest during the first 1-3 days of my cycle, and following those days I plan for the month ahead by writing a list of all the goals I’d like to accomplish during the peak of my energy,” she said.

Ms Jeppesen said this simple shift has helped her become more focused during times when her energy is high and give herself grace when her hormones are not wired for big decisions.

“I believe learning how to plan for the menstrual cycle is imperative for all educators who want to experience less frustration each month and learn how to cooperate with their natural rhythm,” she said.

“The topic of menstrual cycle planning is vast, so I’ve decided to put together an offering to teach female educators more. I encourage them to bring their journal to the masterclass and get ready to transform their entire mindset around goal setting, scheduling, relationships, stress, and more.”

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With an understanding of what it’s like to feel the pressures of being a teacher and principal, Ms Jeppesen founded Beyond the Classroom in 2018 with the mission to support educators.

The programs offered by Beyond the Classroom are Dare To Be A Rockstar Teacher1:1 Coaching for Teachers or Principals, and the School Coaching Program.

Dare To Be A Rockstar focuses on helping teachers prioritise their authentic selves, health and wellbeing in the classroom and take emotional and intuitive needs into account in their roles while building confidence and finding a renewed sense of purpose in their role.

The 1:1 Coaching Program for teachers or principals focuses on supporting teachers and principals in improving work/life balance, communication, relationships with staff and fostering a positive community culture on campus, as well as managing operational and administrative tasks.

The School Coaching Program supports various staff members alike to build a healthier school ecosystem through the 1:1 coaching program for both teachers and principals with a common goal.

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