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Bringing out the Urban Warrior

WillPlay’s Urban Warrior Range combines the best of play and fitness equipment to enable an amazing play area that can be so much more than conventional play equipment.

The Urban Warrior range has been designed to engage older students that no longer feel the need to ’play’. With an emphasis on physical challenge and movement, this system encourages activity without the perception of play that can often be a disincentive for older primary students to get involved.

As students approach the higher school years, their incentive and desire to play in a conventional manner disappears, being replaced with less sedentary activities. Add this to the undisputed fact that teenagers are less active outside of school hours, the ability to increase activity levels during school is a real benefit. With an emphasis on activities that can develop cardio-vascular fitness and improve core strength, the Urban Warrior can help in student’s overall fitness, strength and improve posture. Improved core strength and posture has been linked to higher concentration levels and improved educational outcomes.

Following the rise in popularity of television shows promoting similar obstacle course activities, the Urban Warrior system encourages activity and participation by all age students. The system also encourages social engagement and can add an element of competitiveness.

WillPlay’s Urban Warrior system has an added benefit in it can also be incorporated into the school’s Physical Education program. The structured flow to the course allows students to be benchmarked and compare their own results/improvements in physical performance and fitness over a period of time.

The individual elements can be set as a close circuit or scattered around a larger area, creating a cross country style training course. Encouraging students to move between elements can improve cardio-vascular fitness and helps achieve the minimum daily movement that many students are missing out on these days.

Elements of the system can also be ordered individually and incorporated into conventional play areas, and also allows a circuit to be built in stages, as budgets allow.

Manufactured in Australia from premium materials including stainless steel, aluminium and recycled plastics and timber composites, these units are built to handle anything that students can throw at them. Talk to your nearest WillPlay Distributor to help design the ultimate obstacle course for your school.

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