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BYOD programs for smarter schools

Students and educators are increasingly reliant on technology to stay connected and learning, especially when today’s classroom is often off campus.

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions’ Bring Your Own Device program has been designed to take the stress out of finding suitable and affordable learning tools for every student’s needs, for both the schools and parents.

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program enables schools to plan and deliver education to students using consistent, education-specific devices, tailored to their school’s learning environment.

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions’ BYOD program takes the stress out of choosing the right technology, giving students and families easy access to the right devices, at affordable pricing, to support students’ education.

JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions’ National Education Manager, Graham Blackstock, tells Education Matters that its BYOD Online is a portal where devices and accessories that have been approved by schools can be bought. He says this allows students to be ready and able to connect, collaborate and learn from day one.

“With JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions, you can confidently make your selection knowing that you’re choosing from a shortlist of devices and accessories pre-selected by your school to support the best learning outcomes for your child,” he says.

“Our BYOD program also ensures you’re getting the best quality and prices available with hand-picked products from our best partners at special discounted pricing.”

Blackstock says JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions support is only a phone call away with its dedicated BYOD customer service team available six days a week.

He says if you are struggling to login to BYOD Online or have any questions or problems along the way, the BYOD customer service team is there to help.

“Each time you contact us, we keep a record so if you need to contact us again at any time we’ll have the details at hand.”

Blackstock says the company knows too well the robust nature of students and what their devices are put through on a day-to-day basis.

By purchasing a device through JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions compared to retail product, he says the products are more suited to the education environment, have better warranty and the downtime for repairs is quick.

Blackstock says JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions has delivered technology solutions to the education sector for the past 16 years.

“We have delivered thousands of BYOD programs to Australian schools providing a comprehensive and innovative range of education-specific products at education-specific pricing,” he says.

“We have the largest range of education-specific devices and services, a dedicated team of experts, an education portal for easy procurement and support, and a national network that provides timely fulfilment.”

One of the biggest challenges teachers face in the classroom with BYOD programs is not all devices being the same, leading to disruptions to students’ learning experience.
JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions partners with schools to address challenges and aspirations for introducing 21st century learning.

“Creating a modern learning environment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about enabling classrooms with the right mix of solutions that help teachers reach and engage students. With professional advice, education-specific products and strategically tailored solutions, schools, universities and institutions can achieve outstanding outcomes from their ICT programs” Blackstock says.

The JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions’ portal provides families access to a wide range of education specific laptops, tablets, accessories and insurance. Each product has been selected and approved to work within schools’ ICT infrastructure, which Blackstock says, is the company’s way to help families get the best deal on technology for learning.

The portal is designed with busy parents in mind. Through its portal, a user can browse a selection of education-grade devices, suitable for the child’s learning needs. JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions’ goal is to ensure students are never without a working computer to facilitate their learning experience.

“JB Hi-Fi Education Solutions utilises new and innovative technologies to reflect the curriculum and pedagogical objectives in a way that engages and inspires the education community,” he says. “It is our objective to provide schools with a superior service level that extends beyond simply supplying the device.”

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