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Carpet care

Deep cleaning can be a headache. But with a Tennant ReadySpace cleaner, you can have carpet that’s clean, dry and ready for foot traffic in just under 30 minutes.

Spring cleaning season is well and truly upon us which means it’s the ideal time to treat your carpets to a ReadySpace cleaning. This complete carpet solution features advanced, patented technology and includes optional wet/ dry options.

The end result means a faster, and more effective and frequent clean, while maintaining a fresher, healthier environment and vastly minimising odours and moulds caused by excess water.

Tennant’s ReadySpace deep cleaning machines use unique soil transfer rollers to grab dirt from carpet bres and lift it into the machine. Sprayers rinse the soil from the rollers, not the carpet which is left dryer, cleaner and revitalised. The controlled amount of water effectively removes dirt and debris, leaving a sharper carpet appearance.

With the increase in Workplace Health & Safety audits, it’s critical to utilise equipment and processes that keep staff, cleaners and others safe from physical hazards and elements that can be detrimental to health. Tennant explains the enhanced productivity and cost savings delivered by these cutting-edge cleaners makes ReadySpace the obvious choice.

“Anything that reduces cleaning and drying time and returns a room to billable service faster is ‘money in the bank,” says Cameron McKean, National Account Manager, Distribution ANZ.

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