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Casio is calculating brighter futures

Casio fx-8200AU

For teachers who struggle to get students to grasp some of the more challenging concepts in mathematics, Casio Education is offering them a new secret weapon.

With STEM-related job opportunities expected to double over the next ten years, the Australian workforce will require graduating students to have the requisite STEM foundational skills to pursue tertiary studies in these fields.

As a result, teachers are experiencing a lot of pressure to prepare students for future work in the digital economy, improve learning outcomes for students surrounding STEM subjects and ensure the successful development of 21st century skills, such as numeracy and fluency in the core concepts of science and mathematics.

To support improved learning outcomes for STEM subjects and mathematics curriculum across Australia, Casio is introducing it’s most advanced scientific calculator yet for Australian students: the fx-8200 AU, which will be available to purchase from July 2023.

The fx-8200 au is the most advanced scientific calculator available in Australia, exam approved, and fully loaded with a web-based software emulator for recording important calculations from any device.

While the much-loved fx-82AU PLUS II 2nd edition continues to be a staple of Australian mathematics technology, Casio has worked with Australian teachers to evolve and design a tool that better suits the needs of scientific calculator users in Australia.

Retaining the well-known and much-loved features of its predecessors, the fx-82AU PLUS II and fx-100AU PLUS 2nd edition, the fx-8200 AU will deliver a significant increase in functionality and user experience, ensuring it will quickly become one of Australia’s leading scientific calculators for students in Years 7 to 12.


Teaching on the big screen just got easier. One of the fx-8200 AU’s most ground-breaking new features is the web-based emulator software for teachers, The web-based fx-8200 AU emulator ensures access to the scientific calculator’s operations anytime, anywhere, and on any device (a device with an internet connection is required).

HIGHLIGHT KEY EQUATIONS provides teachers with ‘paper’ and ‘sticky notes’ functions. Sticky notes are used to add mathematical formulas, graphs, spreadsheets, and geometric shapes. Additionally, the interfaces allow teachers to create a pop-up screen, displaying key formulas, or steps as they work. All elements are resizable and can also be deleted, giving the option to create a bespoke display. Teachers can also use the paper to create original teaching materials and attach sticky notes.


One new functionality of the emulator is graphing – a first for Casio scientific calculators in Australia, it allows teachers to easily expand computation into a graph and resize the window as necessary.


It’s now easier to analyse probabilities and statistical data using various approaches within a single screen.


Students and teachers can explore geometric principles and create freehand graphics using geometry functions, including the ability to freely alter the shape of graphics and automatically calculate length, area, angle and so on.


Teachers can get more from their fx-8200 AU calculators by joining Prime Schools Plus – a free program run by Casio Education Australia which provides free handheld devices, emulator software and classroom resources.

  • Receive a complimentary fx-8200 AU calculators for every school’s maths faculty.
  • All new resources and classroom activities (all designed by Australian Teachers, for Australian Teachers).
  • All new “How do I?” manual for the fx-8200 AU, perfect for both teachers and students

The fx-8200 AU emulator software will be available from July 2023 and is freely available to all approved members of the program.

For more information on the fx-8200 AU, accompanying resources, classroom activities and emulator software, visit

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