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The future of school uniforms

The business of supplying school uniforms is notably different to what it was several years ago. James Marshman, Business Development Manager at Spartan School Supplies, looks at what’s changed and what could be in store for the future.

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Increasing student health and fitness

WillPlay has sparked the imagination of its users with its new Will-Fit and Urban Warrior ranges, with school specific designs aimed at changing the way we view fitness and play in schools.

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Managing risk and challenge in playgrounds

Mary Jeavons, Director of Jeavons Landscape Architects, highlights the importance for children to actively play outdoors at school, and discusses how play equipment can be designed and managed to benefit children as they learn to manage risks in their environment.

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Outdoor gyms helping to tackle obesity

A growing trend in youth obesity levels has seen fitness at the core of public discussion over the past few years, with many governments subsequently reviewing policies and programs to combat the increasingly inactive lifestyles of our children.

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The importance of play in schools

Playground designer and manufacturer, Omnitech Playgrounds, discusses the importance of providing challenging and inclusive play spaces for children at school, to foster the development of important life skills.

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