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Planning the perfect play space

Ideal play spaces for schools should be inclusive, accessible, challenging and consider whole of life costs, according to playground specialists and consultants, PlayRope.

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Thinking outside the square

When Willplay was tasked with creating a play space to suit a broad range of ages, the playground designer and manufacturer came up with an innovative solution designed to spark imaginations and encourage challenge. Read more

Healthy body, healthy mind

Encouraging students to get outdoors and exercise at school is not only great for their physical health and wellbeing, it has a positive impact in the classroom too, promoting enhanced concentration and cognitive function.

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Returning to work: The bigger picture

Rising childcare costs have continued to make headlines in recent times. For families choosing to stay home with their children, it is certainly a rewarding choice; but staying home based solely on the financial costs of childcare can be a shortsighted view with long-term ramifications.

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Schools and their legal obligations

Principals Australia Institute is offering professional development in the legal rights and obligations of schools and school leaders.

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Extend delivers high-quality after school care

Discerning parents and principals understand that value for money in outside school hours care is very different from price, says Darren Stevenson, Managing Director of Extend After School Care.

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