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Is after school care being looked after?

Back-end administration of After School Care is an inconvenience for schools and providers, with multiple platforms that also make life inconvenient for parents. LookedAfter Executive Director Darren Stevenson has a ready-to-use alternative solution for providers and parents. Read more

Edval improves timetabling efficiency

Timetabling can be a time-consuming and challenging exercise, but with a little creativity, Edval is giving schools back the control they need to maximise efficiency. Read more

Carpet care

Deep cleaning can be a headache. But with a Tennant ReadySpace cleaner, you can have carpet that’s clean, dry and ready for foot traffic in just under 30 minutes.

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An important schoolyard asset

While other static playground equipment provide significant play value, no equipment allows children to climb so freely, safely and as high as rope structures do, according to adventure+. Read more

Doin’ Time author Rachel Porter shares insights into troubled youth

In her new book, Author and General Manager of Whitelion (a charity supporting Australia’s vulnerable young people), Rachel Porter delves into the lives of nine Australian men from troubled backgrounds who have lived through incarceration and managed to change their lives around. Read more