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Keeping up with demand: the Australian film industry

The Australian film industry is state-of-the-art with world class studios, an extensive catalogue of inspiring set locations, endless talented film crew and the ability to offer cost-effective production due to competitive film and production incentives.
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The Gandel Foundation Australia's History Makers Video Challenge

National Museum of Australia’s History Makers Video Challenge now open for submissions

Looking for a new way to challenge students in Term 3? Combining Australian Curriculum learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities, the History Makers School Video Challenge provides students with an opportunity to creatively demonstrate their research and understanding of Australian history – and bring those moments to life through film and multimedia. Read More
music teachers education primary school

Qualified primary music teachers in short supply

In the past 14 years, Australian universities have cut music education training for generalist primary teachers in half, leaving thousands unable to fulfil their responsibilities under the curriculum, new research shows. According to the Fading Notes Report, the time and value dedicated to music learning within primary teaching degrees is at an all-time low.
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international learning

Spotlight on international learning

WorldStrides invites schools to explore a range of educational travel programs across Asia that offer an abundance of academic and personal development opportunities for students to fulfil their potential and grow beyond their comfort zones.
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