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The science and art of crafting the perfect playground

Playgrounds are often seen as hallowed grounds of joy, learning, and social development for children. But not all playgrounds are created equal. The design, materials, and location of manufacture often determines their quality, longevity, environmental impact, and not to mention, the sheer fun they promise.
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Dare to be a rockstar

When Peta Jeppesen became overwhelmed in her role as a school principal and needed support, she found the resources on offer were inadequate, or simply did not exist. Like any good entrepreneur, she set to work developing a better solution and started her own teacher wellbeing program, Beyond the Classroom.
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Sparking adventure at Live Wire Park

The expert team of outdoor explorers at Live Wire Park are passionate about encouraging students to make the most of the great outdoors through action-packed outdoor adventures that are sure to challenge the body and mind, while recharging the spirit.
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