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Dr Stephen Brown

Essential dispositions for leading education systems

Managing Director of the Brown Collective Dr Stephen Brown examines the nature of leadership in education systems and explores emerging themes highlighted in the Brown Collective’s System Leadership Program that defines system leaders as: boundary spanners, meaning makers, weavers of conditions; and much more.
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Class Creator

Class Creator empowers educators to create balanced classes

For many educators, building class lists is the foundation that every school year is built on. Making great classes is one of the most complex processes in a school, with so many data points, requirements, requests, and restrictions – it can quickly turn into a nightmare if not managed well.
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ASPA: Good principals develop great schools

The breadth, complexity, scope and range of roles and responsibilities of modern-day principals require experienced, qualified, and highly skilled professionals and it’s time we recognised that, according to ASPA President Andrew Pierpoint. In April’s ASPA column, he examines the role and how to attract more qualified candidates to the profession. 
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Leadership from the head and heart

Dr Vivianne Nikou became the principal of Alphington Grammar School in 2013. In this exclusive interview with Education Matters, she reflects on more than 25 years of experience in school leadership roles, her passion for providing global education rooted in classical and humanistic values, and the sense of pride she feels watching students become well-rounded citizens that aspire to excellence. Read More
Aussie of the Month

National school program celebrates community

A community is a happier one when the people within it contribute in a positive way. Aussie of the Month is a free program that recognises young students who are doing exactly that in their school.
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