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Dr Adrian Bertolini challenges school leadership teams to ask the hard questions when looking to introduce new curriculum.

Examining the unexamined to develop new curriculum

Dr Adrian Bertolini discusses the importance of examining pre-existing knowledge, understanding, and unconscious habits and beliefs across school leadership teams as an effective strategy for planning, delivering, and assessing new ways of teaching and learning.
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Leadership lessons learned

Following Lismore’s record-breaking floods throughout 2022, Education Matters talks to Summerland Christian College’s Executive Principal Nate Atkinson about SCC’s dedicated flood response initiative during the educator’s first year as school principal. A true lesson in resilience, Nate reflects on the leadership strategies he employed, uniting students and teachers to provide aide to the local community.
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Leading from within

An Ancient Roman God and the work of middle leaders in a school are analogous, according to Dr Stephen Brown, Managing Director of The Brown Collective. He discusses how the role of the middle leader remains pivotal for the successful leadership of a school.
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ASPA: Future schools, future leadership

Andrew Pierpoint, President of the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA), speaks about the important role leadership plays in the nation’s education and schools future. Read More

Autonomy and accountability

Andrew Pierpoint, President of the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA), and Dr Amanda Heffernan, Monash University Lecturer in Leadership, discuss their current research on school leader autonomy. Read More