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Queensland schools FEAST on new program

Students at Kimberley College are among the first students in Queensland to complete OzHarvest’s new food education and sustainability training (FEAST) program. Read more


Key to consistent high progress in NAPLAN

Explicit teaching, collaborating on the analysis of formative assessment data, and focused professional learning – these are some of the practices that are prevalent in schools that consistently deliver high progress in NAPLAN. Read more


Making mistakes to develop a love of learning

According to an increasing number of experts, ensuring that children avoid failure is doing more harm than good.  Accommodating and facilitating a child’s avoidance of anxiety actually increases the problem, because they will never have a chance to fail and in turn, learn to persist. Read more

Why your school should backup its data

There is no doubt that the monumental shift to remote and flexible learning has created some powerful opportunities for schools to improve the way they deliver their programs. Read more