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Big Science competition free to schools

One of Australia’s biggest national science competitions is being offered to schools and students across Australia free of charge for the first time, giving more students an opportunity to test their science knowledge. Read more

Kicking education goals for Indigenous kids

While we all know the importance of physical activity for children’s health and wellbeing, making sure your kids actually get out and about can be a challenge, especially when we’re also juggling work, school, and let’s face it, general life. But of course, the importance of exercise cannot be understated, and as parents we’re always on the look out for ways to encourage physical activity. Read more

School support for online safety

We have all heard the familiar catch-cry: ‘Why don’t they teach that at school?!’ From sustainability to swimming, hand-washing to healthy eating, educators are tasked with supporting students in all areas of life, not just reading, writing and arithmetic. And while staying safe online has been an important part of education for some time, the emphasis since the spread of COVID-19 adds a new dimension. Read more

Technology key to classroom success during COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented disruption to Australia’s system of classroom-based learning, forcing teachers to rapidly adapt to new methods of digital pedagogy, almost overnight, writes Andrew Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Education Services.

Read more

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