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Bringing out the Urban Warrior

WillPlay’s Urban Warrior Range combines the best of play and fitness equipment to enable an amazing play area that can be so much more than conventional play equipment. Read more

Hybrid classroom – the future way of teaching

Prior to the pandemic, most schools in Australia had digital whiteboards or interactive projectors installed already. However, ViewSonic believes that the level of participation and engagement was dependent on students going to the board and writing on it like it is no different from old-school whiteboards. Read more

Can penguins support our primary school students through this pandemic?

Changing restrictions surrounding the global pandemic have kept society in an on-going state of upheaval and uncertainty, not least in the provision of schooling. The summer holidays provided little respite for families and teachers this time around, with the promise of freedom marred by travel complexity, vaccination uncertainty for primary school children, testing issues and the proliferation of the omicron variant across our states. Read more

Future-proofing our children by teaching skills critical for success

After the black spot that was the last two years, the world feels like a different place and many teachers have been fundamentally rethinking where to put their educational focus.  Humanity is shifting rapidly and with this year’s Preps not graduating until 2034, what things do educators need to teach now for success in the future? Read more

funding for schools and teachers in NSW floods

NSW Schools recovering from floods

Children in the Northern Rivers impacted by recent floods returned to face to face learning in school and early childhood education and care (ECEC) services last week, with a range of plans in place depending on students’ needs and the extent of damage to individual schools and services.  Read more