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Embracing online engagement in education

Leadership expert Kathryn Taylor shares her experiences, strategies and positive techniques to help teachers support young job seekers in a technologically-driven employment climate.
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Parents “stressed” about school starting age

Parents of pre-school children and infants often feel significantly stressed as they ponder the pros and cons of delayed entry to primary school in a vacuum of information, a Queensland education academic believes.

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Developing skills-based teaching to prepare students

Youth unemployment poses serious challenges across the country. Illuminate Education Founder Adam Mostogl outlines why skills-based learning could hold the key to preparing students for a knowledge-based economy.

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Melbourne Discovery

Melbourne Discovery Group knows school accommodation. Planning a camp can be stressful but we make it easy. If you want a stress free, easy and educational camp that most importantly, is full of fun, then Melbourne Discovery Groups should be your number one choice.

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Wellbeing a “major concern” for principals

The role of school principal is a rewarding, yet challenging, leadership career. The breadth and magnitude of responsibilities can weigh heavily on a school leader, from student wellbeing and discipline to staffing issues and teaching evaluation, plus being in charge of budgeting and resource allocation, legal responsibilities, change management, community engagement and public relations.

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