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Dr Gary Stager on why technology is not the enemy

Founder and CEO of Constructing Modern Knowledge Dr Gary Stager flew in from the U.S. as a keynote speaker at EduTECH this year. He sat down with Education Matters to discuss where education is headed.
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Moral Injury: a stressor for school leaders

At the heart of teaching and school leadership is a desire to make a positive contribution and impact on the lives of young people. A moral purpose is at the core of all aspects of the professional practices of educators, according to Dr Stephen Brown, Managing Director of The Brown Collective.
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The joy of reading

Rochelle Borton explores how books can transport young readers to new worlds, ignite their imagination, and foster a lifelong love for reading.
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learning languages

Languages open doors

  Learning a language presents myriad opportunities, both academic, personal and professional. So why are fewer students choosing to study a language in school? Expert researchers from the University of South Australia weigh in on the matter.
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