Education experts discuss issues impacting schools and students
Plans ahead to fix teacher shortages and lift standards

Maths anxiety – girls versus boys

Maths anxiety is a genuine and pervasive issue in education. It goes far beyond a simple aversion to numbers and can manifest as a profound fear or dread of maths, hindering the ability to perform and limiting educational and career choices, writes Dr Rebecca Marrone from UniSA’s Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning.
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Unlocking education potential by harnessing AI

When ChatGPT was released to the public last year, it unleashed a wave of excitement, fear, curiosity and debate. CEO of Education Services Australia Andrew Smith discusses the impact of AI-enabled technologies on teaching and learning.
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Dr Matt Hawkins EREA Flexible Schools CEO

Can flexible schools improve outcomes for disengaged students?

Dr Matt Hawkins, CEO of EREA Flexible Schools, explains how a supportive and trauma-informed learning environment can better serve students who have experienced complex educational, social or psychological situations which demand unique responses.
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primary school

Transition to primary school: Does the beginning decide the end?

The transition to primary school presents unique challenges for students, teachers, principals, and parents alike. In this Expert Contributor column, Emeritus Professor Marjory Ebbeck from the University of South Australia provides strategies for ensuring these transitions are successful.
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