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A one stop shop for school supplies

A one-stop-shop for school supplies

Winc are education specialists and have schools’ needs covered, from the science lab to the oval and from the first aid room to the staff room. Read more

Embracing electronic music, MCing and DJing as part of school music lessons. 

The Rise of the DJ in the School Classroom

Most of those who partake in DJ culture get their first taste for music in childhood. Yet modern music lessons tend to ignore the subject of DJing all together in favour of more traditional applications of music theory. Embracing electronic music, MCing and DJing as part of school music lessons can inspire learning. Read more

Defend your data with Ricoh

Nick Barbagiannopoulos, Digital Automation & Solutions Manager for Ricoh Australia, addresses what the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme means for schools – and what they need to do about it. Read more

FLIR weighs up warmth

Sean Towner, Sales Manager Science, Instruments for FLIR, explains how the company’s thermal cameras are ideal to teach students about a fundamental principle of physics. Read more

New direction

Sherpa Kids is an international company headquartered in Australia which runs before and after school care services and holiday care in schools and other community facilities. The organisation, which has some 100 franchises worldwide, looks after around 5,400 primary school-aged children every day. Read more