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ContentKeeper: Keeping students safe online

Through its sophisticated web filtering solutions, ContentKeeper assists school leaders to detect harmful online behaviours, such as cyberbullying, to create a safer environment for students.

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The case for digital citizenship education

With digital and online technologies becoming more and more popular for the classroom, Jacaranda explains why students and teachers should arm themselves with the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate the digital citizenship maze.

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Epson: Imagine that

Designed to enhance student engagement and inspire imaginations, Coomera Anglican College in Queensland has unveiled The Imaginarium, a unique 360 degree immersive learning space featuring Epson laser projectors.

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What’s the harm in sharing student photos online?

Colin Anson, CEO of consent-driven photo management platform, Pixevety, looks at the implications of sharing student photos online and discusses what schools can do to ensure they aren’t breaching privacy laws when it comes to the digital identities of their students.

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BenQ Australia: Healthy learning

Promoting an immersive and collaborative approach to classroom learning, BenQ’s innovative new range of interactive flat panels places student health at its core.

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Windows 10: Thriving in the classroom and beyond

Mindful that today’s students’ learning horizons need to extend beyond the classroom, and be more flexible, Kearnan College embarked on a digital transformation program, providing older students and teachers with a Windows 10 Lenovo device equipped with touch and a digital pen.

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