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Acer future learning

Teachers are leaving the industry in droves as administrative pressures and adhering to current curriculums that require students to complete standardised tests make their workload unsustainable. 40% of early career teachers are now leaving the profession within the first year of their career – which is triple the number recorded in the six years prior – due to feeling overworked.

A study by the University of Melbourne in 2011 found that out of over 5,000 teachers surveyed, less than one-third believed their workload was manageable, and close to 50% of mid-to-late career teachers claimed workload was a source of considerable personal stress.

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Creating a digitally-ready workforce

According to Acer, the workplace of the future will be unrecognisable from the working world of today. The challenges students will face in a world dominated by rapidly advancing technology will be significantly different from the ones faced by Baby Boomers, Gen X and even Millennials.

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Nintendo launches new STEAM program

Combining the unique play of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Labo with the basic principles of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM), Nintendo Australia has launched a new program for primary schools.

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Shaping the future of schools

Combining an exhibition, and informative conferences and masterclasses, educators visiting the National FutureSchools Expo can tailor an experience that best suits their needs and interests.

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ContentKeeper: Keeping students safe online

Through its sophisticated web filtering solutions, ContentKeeper assists school leaders to detect harmful online behaviours, such as cyberbullying, to create a safer environment for students.

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The case for digital citizenship education

With digital and online technologies becoming more and more popular for the classroom, Jacaranda explains why students and teachers should arm themselves with the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate the digital citizenship maze.

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