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Banana pianos and space robots

Monash University pop-up, Maker Spaces, allows teachers to explore the connection between technology, teaching and learning.

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Rural Access Gap program

Cybersecurity in schools

An Australian cybersecurity company is seeking to create safer places for students and staff by providing a unique solution that protects schools’ digital playgrounds.

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Bringing fun to the classroom

Australia and New Zealand’s longest-serving educational resource supplier, Modern Teaching Aids, is preparing students for the future with its wide range of robotics resources. Business Development Manager – STEM and Robotics Joanna Burk describes the skills robotics brings into play.

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ACER report addresses concerns in STEM curriculum

According to a new report released by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), an integrated curriculum, early intervention and a stronger teaching workforce are key to reversing Australia’s downward spiral in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teaching and learning. Read more

Defend your data with Ricoh

Nick Barbagiannopoulos, Digital Automation & Solutions Manager for Ricoh Australia, addresses what the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme means for schools – and what they need to do about it. Read more