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ChatGPT: friend or foe?

When used in the right way, ChatGPT can be an effective learning tool for teachers and students, rather than something to be feared, according to Andrew Smith, CEO of Education Services Australia.
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AI ChatGPT schools teachers education

Embracing new AI-deas in the classroom

Traditional school environments were designed to encourage students to think for themselves and cultivate critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and originality of thought. But what happens when artificial intelligence makes it possible for students to get a robot to doing their thinking for them? Education Matters reports.
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AI expert deep dives into ChatGPT in webinar

In an exciting new webinar Redesigning Assessment for an Ever-Changing World, hosted by United Kingdom-based PebblePad, leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert Dr Stefan Popenici of Charles Darwin University (CDU) discusses the drawbacks and advantages of using ChatGPT in education. Read More

Educating students for a changing technological future

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence system that recently made the news for generating stunningly human-like text. It is an artificial neural network model of language, trained on billions of words of online text including newspaper articles, Wikipedia, and forum posts. James R Curran, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Grok Academy Limited talks about its benefits. Read More