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Building a strong foundation for digital literacy

When it comes to leveraging technology to allow students to better access the curriculum at every level of their schooling, JB HI-FI Education provides the technology and support to schools for building a streamlined and effective digital ecosystem on campus.
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Lenovo tablets

Lenovo’s versatile new tablets invite learning, mobility and multitasking

Lenovo is introducing two new additions to its lineup of consumer tablets powered by Android: the Lenovo Tab P12 and the Lenovo Tab M10 5G. Designed with students in mind and made for more versatility and enhanced personal time, the devices seamlessly combine entertainment, learning, and mobility.
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JB Hi Fi Education Windows BYOD School Programs

1:1 and BYOD programs support digital literacy in schools

For teachers looking to incorporate digital literacy programs as part of the revised Australian Curriculm Version 9.0, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs provide students with exclusive access to computing devices, – such as laptops, tablets, and smart devices – of their own, for use in the classroom and at home for studying online and completing coursework. Read More
21st century learning

Inclusivity, equity and accessibility in technology

A key focus for educators right now is empowering students with high value skills that will prepare them for future careers. For JB Hi-Fi Education, this means ensuring all students have access to the necessary tools, resources, and programs to support the development of the critical skills required for working in a digital economy.

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JB Hi-Fi Education

JB Hi-FI Education is simplifying technology for schools

JB HI-FI Education has been serving the education sector for over 20 years and is one of the largest providers of technology to the primary, secondary and tertiary markets in Australia – including BYOD and 1:1 programs.
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