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Embracing AI’s potential for literacy improvement

  Within a few short months, ChatGPT and its ilk have become hot conversation topics among educators. Some say AI will trigger the demise of humanity, destroy original thought, and dumb down classroom instruction. But what if the opposite were true?
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teacher shortage

Swift action needed to address the teacher shortage

Teachers are leaving the profession at unprecedented rates and the teacher shortage is being felt across education settings; from primary and secondary schools; to universities; to TAFEs. This is creating added pressure for teachers who are choosing to stay, resulting in negative press for the industry,  and fewer people choosing the career.
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A popular video games as an effective learning tools

A popular video game as an effective learning tool

Understanding the value of Minecraft in the modern classroom, Microsoft released Minecraft: Education Edition, which schools in many countries have now integrated into their curriculum. More than 100 million copies of Minecraft – a game in which players build, explore and survive in three-dimensional worlds – have been sold worldwide.
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