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Grok Academy cyber security

Grok Academy: Cyber security unplugged

  Grok Academy has introduced new cybersecurity resources for lower primary school students that are intended to support the Australian Curriculum and prepare students for digital futures.
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A future-forward approach to teaching computer programming

Grok Academy and Wisetech discuss their new partnership that’s preparing more students for digital futures, supporting further development of computer programming in Australian schools, and funding better tools for in-class computing education.
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quantum computing student course

Journey into the weird and wonderful world of quantum computing

In search of new computer programming curriculum? Grok Academy has announced some truly out-of-this world news: Teaching quantum computing to students in Years 5-12 is now possible. (Yes– quantum computing for primary and secondary level students!) Read More
student coding challenge

Student coding challenge surges in popularity

They say the best way to learn computer programming is through practical hands-on experience, and Grok Academy’s NCSS Challenge manages to achieve this by providing students with engaging real-world coding concepts and weekly programming challenges, reinforced by the added incentive of a little friendly competition.
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