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DART Learning Virtual Excursions

Virtual excursions equalise education opportunities

A recent OECD report revealed that inequity in education remains an ongoing issue. In part, this is due to a disparity in academic performance between students from inner-city communities with greater access to resources, and those living in rural or remote communities or with socio-economic disadvantages.
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The virtual classroom emerging technology VR School Study

The virtual classroom

In the age of big data, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Education Matters reports on what educational technology means for students, teachers, and the classroom of the future –and how these emerging technologies are changing the way we think about learning.
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A future-forward approach to teaching computer programming

Grok Academy and Wisetech discuss their new partnership that’s preparing more students for digital futures, supporting further development of computer programming in Australian schools, and funding better tools for in-class computing education.
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