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Video: Technology in schools

CEO of the NSW Education Standards Authority, David de Carvalho, discusses the impact of technology in the classroom with Professor Pasi Sahlberg of the Gonski Institute at the University of NSW.

Positive Education

Psychologist, researcher, author and President of the International Positive Psychology Association, Lea Waters, discusses some of the strategies that can be adopted by educators, parents and organisations to encourage overall wellbeing.

VIDEO: Gonski 2.0: Reflections and directions

Professor Chris Davison, Adrian Piccoli and Pasi Sahlberg from the UNSW Sydney Gonski Institute for Education presented their thoughts and recommendations on the recently released Gonski 2.0, during a forum at UNSW on 29 May 2018.


Video: Should we get rid of standardised testing?

Arlo Kempf, Associate Director of the Master of Teaching Program at the University of Toronto, investigates the merits of standardised testing in education.

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