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VIDEO: Teaching with YouTube 01: Equipment

What kind of equipment can teachers use to record lessons for students to access online?

Eddie Woo offers a guide to the “ingredients” I use when making videos for YouTube: the gear that I’ve learned to use over the years when filming my classes.

Video: The One Thing All Great Teachers Do

With this talk, Dr. Nick Fuhrman encourages us to recognise the profound personal impact that we can have on others — both in and out of the classroom. Dr. Nick Fuhrman is an associate professor of environmental education in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication. Read more

VIDEO: Heroes help NSW school students stay connected

This video, hosted by the NSW Government, includes prominent Australians, such as musician Guy Sebastian and TV foodies Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and Manu Feildel. Additionally, the Department of Education’s Eddie Woo, have donated their time to help energise students while learning at home.

Click here for a sneak peak.

Video: Why STEM is important for girls and boys

Giewee Hammond, Lead Data Scientist for Aramco Services, discusses the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education and why we shouldn’t just be trying to increase STEM education only for girls, but for boys too.

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