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Online versus pen and paper NAPLAN testing

Head of School at the School of Education at University of Newcastle, Professor John Fischetti, discusses his thoughts on the move towards online NAPLAN testing.

Social disadvantage in schools

Head of Mathematics & Science at Clarkson Community High School in Perth, Adam Inder, explores the issues of socioeconomic segregation and disadvantage in Australian schools, and the sorts of strategies educators can adopt to help ensure all students receive an excellent education.

Video: New Science and Technology syllabuses for NSW

With a new Science and Technology syllabus for K-6, and new syllabuses for Technology for Years 7 and 8 being implemented in New South Wales in 2019, the NSW Education Standards Authority discusses what the changes mean for both educators and students.

Video: An innovative approach to STEM learning

Developing systemic excellence in STEM education was identified as one of three main areas for action in the Government of South Australia’s DECD preschool to year 12 STEM Learning Strategy. Read more

Video: Technology in schools

CEO of the NSW Education Standards Authority, David de Carvalho, discusses the impact of technology in the classroom with Professor Pasi Sahlberg of the Gonski Institute at the University of NSW.

Positive Education

Psychologist, researcher, author and President of the International Positive Psychology Association, Lea Waters, discusses some of the strategies that can be adopted by educators, parents and organisations to encourage overall wellbeing.