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$21.4 billion commitment means brighter future for students

The new normal in classrooms as the 2022 academic year unfolds

January 2022 marked the time the time the National Cabinet agreed to a national framework to promote a statewide consistent approach to the ongoing delivery of high-quality education with a commitment to keeping schools open as the pandemic continued into its third year. Education Matters takes a look at what the new normal might look like across classrooms as the academic year unfolds. Read more


Improving a generational decline in writing skills

Australian students’ declining achievement in National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), as well as in international testing, has revealed that writing skills are below the 2011 average with one in five failing to meet the national minimum standard. Read more

Staying connected at school

Few schools expected a year like 2020. Education Matters looks at how teacher-student relationships helped educators get through this unprecedented time of crisis. Read more