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Gonski Education Reform, Barnett Says No.

WA Premier Colin Barnett has said no to $920 million in extra funding, to sign up to the Gonski Education Reform. Prime Minister Julia Gillard made the announcement, saying the increases came about as
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Queensland Schoolkids Win Tablet Rollout

Almost 14,000 secondary school students in Queensland will be the recipients of the largest deployment of Windows 8 tablets. Valued at around $13 million, the deal will see a majority of Year 9 students
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Education Income Falls Again As China Fees Down

Spending by Chines students fell by over 3% to $3.9 billion last year as Australia’s international education industry shrank to $15 billion. China represented about 25% of total spending by foreign
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Staying Longer At Work

Population scholar Peter McDonald has said that ‘ Australia is witnessing a dramatic increase in older workers as better-educated employees enter the labour market and take up physically undemanding
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