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DART Learning Virtual Excursions

Virtual excursions equalise education opportunities

A recent OECD report revealed that inequity in education remains an ongoing issue. In part, this is due to a disparity in academic performance between students from inner-city communities with greater access to resources, and those living in rural or remote communities or with socio-economic disadvantages.
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Leadership from the head and heart

Dr Vivianne Nikou became the principal of Alphington Grammar School in 2013. In this exclusive interview with Education Matters, she reflects on more than 25 years of experience in school leadership roles, her passion for providing global education rooted in classical and humanistic values, and the sense of pride she feels watching students become well-rounded citizens that aspire to excellence. Read More
Parents support the new NAPLAN

Parents strongly support the new NAPLAN standards

The Australian Parents Council (APC) has stated that the simplification from 10 bands to 4 levels of achievement is strongly supported by the Australian Parents Council, as part of the new NAPLAN standards that state and territory Education Ministers agreed to last week. Read More
New professional learning solution

New professional learning solution taking Australia by storm

When the Australian professional learning organisation Education Changemakers joined forces with the world’s largest adult learning library Go1.com earlier this year, the idea it set in motion was always likely to be a big one. “We wanted to do something no-one in the world had done yet and create a huge, relevant and useful library of professional learning content for Australian schools,” says the CEO of EC, and former principal Dave Faulkner. “To be where we are in December of 2022 with more than 50 content partners on board, thousands of professional learning items available and more than 300 schools subscribing is just so exciting.”
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